Avicon Charters

CEOs Message

Since 1993 Avicon Aviation has been a leader in aviation services and one of the very few aviation services companies that can guarantee quality service that gives you the best value for your money. Avicon has been passionately committed to serve customers in the aviation industry, which is a rapidly changing and evolving environment.


Our services include flight chartering, fuel services, cargo flights, ground handling, flight planning, wet and dry lease, over-flight & landing permits even in the most difficult regions. We have got all your aviation needs covered. From the runway to take off to back to tarmac again, you will be given the right solutions at the right time.


 We tailor our services according to what suits our customer’s requirements perfectly and value their feedback because the one –size- fits -all approach is obsolete due to the ever changing and advancing nature of the aviation industry. We know from experience that servicing clients can be a tricky business and perfection is what they expect. We stand behind our work and guarantee that our competitors won’t which is your delight with our results aka our motto at Avicon: Maxatisfaction!

Thanks to our customer’s input we have developed a team of staff and third party contractors that urges our competitors to recognize us as a leader of support service provider to Business Aviation operations by implementing the best possible service standards that are visible and measureable as highest in the area.


We have engaged with our customers in such a way that we are constantly enhancing the level of service standards to keep us ahead of others and continually remain in the leading position.

Your needs and demands is our top priority and we promise to deliver the very best possible results for you.


Syed Wahabuddin